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Water Heaters 101

If you want to know how your water water heater is made and what factors affect its longevity, start here. Topics:

Water Heater Maintenance


We offer several sections of written information, as well as the opportunity to post your problem on our bulletin board, The Tank. Topics are:

Water Heaters in Apartments

Water heaters in commercial applications, such as apartment complexes and restaurants.

The Future of Water Heating

People and their ideas for where water-heating should be headed.


Products and Return Policy -- Rescuer kits can be used to retrofit an older tank or prefit a new one. They include an anode rod, sediment flush kit, Water Heater Workbook, instructions keyed to the book, a service sticker, and pipe seal tape. Their component parts can be used as needed. Aluminum/zinc anodes solve or reduce smelly water problems, and powered anodes do that in softened systems. The flush kit blasts sediment out of the tank. The book, by Larry and Suzanne Weingarten, is a cornucopia of information.

Rescuer Kits

Sacrificial magnesium anodes

Sacrificial aluminum/zinc (A420 alloy) anodes

Powered anodes

Frequently Asked Questions About Corro-Protec Powered Anodes

Flush kits and components

Fun Stuff

Antique Water Heater Museum -- There's more than one way to heat water. Here are some superior designs from the past:

The Closet of Horrors -- Halloween can be any night of the year. All you have to do is ignore your water heater. These are some of the scarier of our inspection findings:

The Harry Houdini Showcase -- Showcase of water heater installations that only an escape artist could hope to service.

The House on Hummingbird Hill: Beginnings -- In 1992, two people decided to build an incredible house that would heat, cool and take care of itself..

The House on Hummingbird Hill: Breaking the Rules -- The Weingartens had unique ideas that they wanted to implement in a house and they broke a few "rules" to do it -- or maybe invented some new ones..

Inside Technologies -- All the stuff like heating and cooling, plumbing and such.

Outside Technologies -- All the stuff like insulation, water, gas, roofing, siding and such.

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Tópicos Tipicos -- Las cosas basicas. Si quiere saber como está fabricado un calentador de agua y que cosas afectan su longevidad, empiece aqui. Los tópicos:

Longevidad -- Si está pensando comprar un nuevo calentador de agua, queremos que escoja prudentamente. Si ya lo tiene, queremos que dure mucho tiempo y opere eficientemente. Tópicos:

Enderezamiento -- Ofrecemos diversos recursos para resolver problemas con calentadores de agua. Hay cinco secciones de información escrita y El Tanque, un foro electronico. Verá que dos tópicos se repiten en Tópicos tipicos. Eso es porque son tan corrientes. Los tópicos:

Calentadores Comerciales-- Asuntos tratando de calentadores comerciales, como en apartamentos y restaurantes.

Museo de Antigüedades Calentadores de Agua -- Hay mas de una manera de calentar el agua. Aqui hay algunos diseños interesantes del pasado:

La Sala de Horrores -- Halloween puede occurir todas las noches del año. Sencillamente, hay que ignorar su calentador de agua. Aqui están descubiertos las mas espantosas escenas de nuestras inspecciones:


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Le Préparation-- Si vous êtes en train d'acheter un nouveau chauffe-eau, ou de refaire un vieux.