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Water Heater Preventive Maintenance

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<span class=What you'll find on this page: When you go to maintain your current water heater, how it is set up has a lot to do with how easy the task will be. These pages tell you what needs to be done, how to do it and what tools you'll need.

The maintenance equation is pretty simple on the face of it:

1. Change the sacrificial anode every few years.

2. Effectively flush sediment every six months to a year.

3. Check the temperature/pressure relief valve every year and replace it if it won't open or won't close.

But how your water heater is installed can have a lot to do with whether these are easy tasks to perform or difficult ones. Preventive Maintenance Tasks talks about that stuff. Know-How is about getting your hands dirty and maybe your feet wet. Tools tells you what you'll need to make it happen.

Know-How -- This is the hands-on guide to checking and possibly replacing your anode, dip tube and drain valve. You can use this to prefit a new heater for maximum longevity and efficiency, or retrofit an old one to keep it working.

Preventive Maintenance Tasks -- Our water heater is now 40 years old because we've maintained it in the way we advocate here. See what we've done to our tank to keep it going that long. The first time is the worst time, provided you make changes that make future service episodes simpler

Tools -- We tell you to use certain tools to do certain maintenance on water heaters. Here is a description of what those are and what they do.