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Dripping Drain Valve

Q: Hi, I have a Rheem gas water heater. The valve (or spigot??) at the bottom of the water heater is leaking. I tried to turn the handle tighter. It worked for awhile, but it won't stop the leak anymore. Can the valve be replaced or fixed? If so, how do I do it?

A: Yes, the valve can be replaced. Look under Know-how on our Web site (www.waterheaterrescue.com) for what to replace it with and how to go about it. A simpler fix you can try first, however, is to go buy a zinc cap, put a hose washer in it, and screw it onto the valve. If you can screw it on tightly, it may stop the drip. The caveat is that sometimes it's hard to get them to screw onto the plastic threads on most drain valves. -- Randy (1995-2000)