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Random Musings: Some Brief Essays

This section is new and it's not about water heaters. It's a place for me to ponder things that are happening right now and how they relate to what has happened and what may happen. Other people might write a column for a news agency, or write a book. Since this was already here, and I don't feel like doing those other things, this will be my forum. I'll be adding essays as I develop them. Maybe nobody will read them, but at least I'll get them off my chest. Some people are bound to agree, some disagree. That's human nature.

Why Does Green Energy Always Get a Free Pass? -- When Green New Deal is mentioned, nobody points out how un-green it is..

The Climate Change Bubble --Half the world is ignoring what the other half does and is bent on destroying itself. The winners and losers are obvious, and the losers are blind to it.

The Climate Change Scammers -- Look harder at the doomsday harbingers and you'll see they talk one way and act another.

E Pluribus Duum --Never in the history of the United States has it been so divided or in this particular way. Half the country gets its news from one set of media and the other half get its from a different group. Both suppress, spin and slant, depending on their political outlook. The upshot is that lots of people are uninformed about major issues.

The Big Lie on the Big Lie --Was the 2020 election stolen? You bet it was and in a million ways other than the obvious.

The White Privilege Myth -- There is definitely Privilege in America, but it's not racial.

American Exceptionalism -- There really is such a thing, but not what some people claim it is.

The Elitists' War Against America -- They think they're making everything better, because they think they're smarter, but they're making everything worse, and it may kill the country.

Hurray for Our Side -- That's Our Side, Right or Wrong, but it's good to look past your side sometimes to see what's really going on, and whether you are being conned.

The False God of Energy Efficiency -- Some people worship efficiency no matter what it costs.

The Population Bomb -- The problem that nobody wants to talk about.

Where Are All Those UFOs? -- There is a reason they are not talking to us.

Why Does Everybody Hate the Jews? -- An ancient tradition is still going strong.

You Must Read Gleen Greenwald -- In a world where the corporate media lie, spin and suppress, there are still some real journalists. Glenn Greenwald is one of them.