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Hummingbird: Sheetrock Party

Vacuum canister in basement for central vacuum cleaner system Piles of plasterboard sit in front of the Hummingbird House garage, waiting to be hauled in and installed


If you get invited to a party at the Weingartens, be prepared to work! But then, if you get invited to a party at the Weingartens, you probably already know their idiosyncracies and have known them for a long time. Many of the guests at the Sheetrock Party go back all the way.

Thus it came about that John Middleton, artist and art restorer, Lyn Kalani, expert on things Russian; Doug Gill, singer-songwriter; Bruce Tarr; Peruvian explorer; Bruce Zanetta, inventor; Steve Weingarten, sculptor -- most of whom just happen to be Monterey natives like Larry and in fact, grew up with him, found themselves on Hummingbird Hill with giant piles of plasterboard. Their mission: protect Larry from an overwhelming job.

Check out the slide show at right to see what it was like. Be sure to click to turn on captions. And hit the "back" button afterward to return here!

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