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Water Heaters 101

If you want to know how your water water heater is made and what factors affect its longevity, start here. Topics:

Water Heater Maintenance


We offer several sections of written information including excerpts from our forum, The Tank, which ran from 2004 to 2023. Topics there are:

Fun Stuff

Antique Water Heater Museum-- There's more than one way to heat water. Here are some superior designs from the past:

The Closet of Horrors -- Halloween can be any night of the year. All you have to do is ignore your water heater. These are some of the scarier of our inspection findings:

The Harry Houdini Showcase -- Showcase of water heater installations that only an escape artist could hope to service.

The House on Hummingbird Hill: Beginnings -- In 1992, two people decided to build an incredible house that would heat, cool and take care of itself..

The House on Hummingbird Hill: Breaking the Rules -- The Weingartens had unique ideas that they wanted to implement in a house and they broke a few "rules" to do it -- or maybe invented some new ones..

Inside Technologies -- All the stuff like heating and cooling, plumbing and such.

Outside Technologies -- All the stuff like insulation, water, gas, roofing, siding and such.



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