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Musings>Why Does Green Energy Always Get a Pass?

Green energy, Green New Deal, renewable energy. Those terms are bandied about every day and no news source on the left or right ever calls people on it. They are just not very good, but nobody talks about it. Why aren't they good? Well, we do see talking points about the sun needing to be out or the wind needing to blow for solar panels and windmills to work, but there seems to be a conspiracy of silence about how awful those two are for the environment.

Windmills kill millions of birds every year. Nobody disputes that. The Obama Administration had to give a wind farm developer a waiver to permit it to kill birds. Otherwise, the project wouldn't have been allowed. And the blades are fiberglass, which can't be recycled. I'm including a few links. There are lots and they range from, "It's a catastrophe," to "It's no big deal," depending on the bent of the group making the report. But how can that be green?

Solar panels are made about the same way as computer chips and chemicals are involved that are so toxic that there is no safe level of exposure. They are not a hundred percent efficient and their efficiency goes steadily downhill from the day they are installed. When they've reached their usable life, their recycling process is just as dangerous as their manufacturing process. Who is going to risk their necks for that? Poor people somewhere, probably.

These were from just a quick search. So, if all this is out there and easily accessible, why aren't people reminded of it every time anybody says "Green New Deal"? Why do so many people push renewables? Near as I can tell from things my liberal friends have said, they hate fossil fuels so much that ANYTHING is better, even when it's worse. They also seem to hate all other energy sources. They are against nuclear power, and they are opposed to hydroelectric power. Those, like natural gas and coal, are something you can turn on and off as needed, and they're a lot cheaper. I don't say we don't need a replacement for fossil fuels, but renewables are not it. Rather than promoting a losing technology that is probably lining some politician's pockets and those of their cronies, why don't they work on a better alternative? --- Randy Schuyler