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Musings>The Climate Change Bubble

Is there such a thing as climate change? Certainly. Is it manmade? Maybe. Is there anything anybody can do about it?


The U.N. basically admitted once that the Paris climate agreement wasn't meant to save the planet but to redistribute wealth from rich to poor countries. Scientists have admitted that if all its guidelines were followed, it would only change world temperature by two degrees Centrigrade.

And the whole world is NOT following those guidelines. While America and Europe feverishly eliminate cheap, and often clean, fossil fuels and nuclear energy, the East is feverishly building coal power plants. Fifty on the drawing board for China. Anything the West does here will be undone by the East.

"You're living in a bubble." Heard that one? Well, Europe and America are in that bubble. Their leaders and Greens are telling them they can save the planet, if they just give up their freedom and comfort, but they are really just wrecking their economies. In a world economy, what happens when one country uses the most expensive energy source and another uses the cheapest? The first nation's products become more expensive and less competitive and its citizens become poorer. If they are already poor, it may destroy them. What happens when a nation turns to just one energy source? It becomes vulnerable. When countries become poor, they become less able to defend themselves. Eventually, they become part of some other country, and not at all as an equal partner.

You'd think all this would dawn on somebody. Maybe it has. Maybe the Chinese paid the Greens, plus any leader who was for sale, to push these very ideas forward. Little else can explain it. Or maybe the promoters are so power hungry that they are blind to the consequences. Maybe they think their countries will endure regardless. History says otherwise.

Apologists say China and India will come around eventually, but the West is wrecking its economies now. It's folly. World politics has always been hardball, where the strong eat the weak. Once the East has eaten the West, it will all be moot. --- Randy Schuyler