Water Heater Rescue: Know-How, Troubleshooting, Anodes graphic

Water Heaters in Apartments, Commercial Settings

A composite shows a tech caulking an inner cover of a commercial water heater, proper valving of a recirc line, and the flues of a commercial water heater

What you'll find on this page: These are the things we feel are important for getting the most out of water heaters of different types in commercial applications. Install them right, keep an eye on them, service them at the right time, and say goodbye to a lot of headache, heartache and expense that comes with doing nothing.

Commercial applications comprise a lot of things. It can mean residential tanks serving individual apartment units. It can mean light- or heavy-commercial tanks servicing gyms, hotels, restaurants or apartments. The main thing is that people with these kinds of installations are going to have a different outlook on the issue and different needs.

It seems to us that the key topics are:

Optimal Installation of Commercial Heaters -- Servicing, whether to clean out a sooty heater, repair something broken or change anodes and vacuum sediment for longevity, is made easier with the right installation.

Optimal Installation of Residential Tanks in Commercial Applications -- Doing a few simple things at the outset can save you grief down the road -- and a load of money.

Inspections -- When nobody's looking, bad things happen in water heater closets -- things that can cost money, grief and even someone's life. Here are some things to look for -- and why to look for them.

Service -- Water heaters can be kept running for decades beyond their typical lives if they're serviced periodically. It's economical, too. Here we tell you what it is and what issues you might encounter with different configurations.

Optimal Recirculation Pump Setup -- If this is done wrong, it can mean burned-out pumps, wasted money and angry tenants.

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