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Musings>Where Are All Those UFOs?

The wraps are off. After endless decades of denial, even the U.S. government admits there are UFOs. So, why haven't they:

  1. Turned up and made us all slaves?
  2. Turned up and had us all for dinner?
  3. Turned up and led us to enlightenment?
  4. Turned up and wiped us out?

You see, sci-fi authors and filmmakers have had a field day guessing the intentions of the strange aliens in strange ships. From benign to predatory, they've covered all the possibilities except for the most likely. We're entertainment. That's right. They come by every now and then to see what new thing those zany, dangerous humans have come up with. What they DON'T do is land and talk to us. They know how risky that is. Think about it. One planet, 170 countries, even more languages, numerous systems of government, and very importantly: endless division, endless wars, endless violence. What's to like? If you are a life form from another planet, who do you decide to talk to? Odds are, no matter who you choose, somebody else is going to try to kill you. Remember the tiny spark that started World War 1!

So they watch and wait. What are they waiting for? Well, one possibility is a world government, a sign that humans have finally decided to stop fighting and start cooperating. On the other hand, the day that happens, ironically, is the death day for individual freedom. The essence of freedom is, I know what's best for me. I do what I want and accept the outcome. The reverse of freedom is somebody else thinks they know what's best for me and makes me do that. Odds are that they live a completely different and better life than I do because that's the way elites always are and have been for thousands of years. It's fun to order other people around but it's tiresome to live in the same manner you are making them live. Just ask Gavin Newsom.

Now, space aliens, if you read this, come and take me off this crazy planet!