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Hummingbird: Inside Technologies

Vacuum canister in basement for central vacuum cleaner system Slide show of how the top floor looked raw and completed Slide show of how the main floor looked raw and completed Slide show of how the basement looked raw and completed


There is so much in the House on Hummingbird Hill that I kept breaking it into smaller pieces to make it more rational and manageable.

Inside Technologies comprises the succeeding topics. But you can also view three slide shows at right that take you from the house's rawest origins through to its completed form. After all, it's a place made to be lived in, so it would be a pity to only look at the technology and not show how that serves human beings.

Click on the floor you want to visit. Be sure and turn on captions, as those aren't automatic, and use the back button to return here afterward. There is a small lower-case "i" in the lower righthand corner of the screen that turns on the captions.

Heat Exchangers

Radiant Heating and Cooling


Sheetrock Party

Manifold Plumbing


Windows and Doors

Central Vacuum System
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