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Caveat: Magnetic Water Treatment

We have seen claims for magnetic water treatment systems that claim to fix everything: sediment buildup, water spotting, pipe damage, corrosion. We would be delighted to publicize such a complete solution -- if it were true.

However, so far, all the literature we have seen on this subject has been hype and testimonials. On the other hand, all the scientific evidence, that we have seen -- that is, studies conducted using scientific methodology -- indicate that magnetic systems do nothing at all.

There is also a short article, written in layman's terms, in the February 1996 of Consumer's Reports. Their testers found no apparent difference between a tank treated with magnets and an ordinary one.

The preceding is an old post that goes back about 15 years. Recently we had a customer come who swore by magnets, and unlike most of the people making claims about them, he had carefully documented how and when he installed them and the results he got. It's hard to argue with that, but we still suggest buyer beware.