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Hummingbird: Central
Vacuum System

Vacuum canister in basement for central vacuum cleaner system


Commercials used to brag about the house of the future that would be filled with labor-saving conveniences. A central vacuum system should have had its place in those commercials.

Using sewer pipe, and a standard shop vac placed in the basement, in what they call the Mechanical Room, right, the Weingartens built a system that spares them having to lug a vacuum canister all over the place.

There are sockets around the house, such as the one below right, that a vacuum hose can be plugged into.

Socket for central vacuum system

After it runs through the shop vac, exhaust air is blown outside the house instead of back into it, as with a typical vacuum. This way, absolutely none of the dust re-enters the house.

Air quality is very important in a snug house.