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dangerous asphyxiation hazard from water heater venting

We found this during an inspection. It was unique. Admittedly, the picture is a little confusing, because space was tight and an overview shot impossible.

But what you're looking at is a laundry room with two commercial water heaters (1 and 2), two dryers (3), and a couple of washing machines that are what 4 points toward. They were to the left of the photographer.

The sheetmetal contraption was an attempt to improve the draft of the water heater it sits on. The principle is sound, but the execution wasn't working right.

But that's not why we're showing you this. There were no ventilation screens cut in the wall, which meant that if a user closed the door and turned on the dryers, and the water heaters kicked in at the same time, all the air would be sucked out of the room and the exhaust fumes pulled back down the vent pipes!

Sweet dreams.....

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