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Musings>Hooray for Our Side

What does this one mean? Well, in most societies, there are parties of people more or less like each other. Most of us choose one. Then we support that party no matter what it does. No matter how many wars it starts, how many people it kills, how many countries it destroys.

"Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations, may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong." -- Commodore Stephen Decatur, 1816. Substitute "our party" for "our country," and you get the idea.

It's hard to break with your party. If your party says a whistleblower is a traitor, then he is a traitor. If your party says a war is just, then it must be just. It MUST. Because you have invested your SOUL in your party. BEWARE!!

Nominally, my party is the Republicans, but there are plenty there who do things I oppose. They're all in on the Ukrainian war, that was started by Obama, continued by Biden, who got paid $10 million by the Ukrainians, and seems to be going nowhere. Forever. Except that's drawing down U.S. weapons stocks. We are not even officially at war with Russia, yet our government and media are using the most virulent war propaganda against Russia: It's Hitler, it's genocide, it's war crimes, all for things that always happen in every war. Did you notice that when covid hit, these folks said, "Don't blame China, don't target Chinese." But with Ukraine, "blame Russia, and target Russians who have nothing to do with the war." This is Hurray for Our Side in action.

Have you also noticed that China is our greatest threat and Russia is nobody's threat. They just showed they can't fight their way out of a paper bag. So why all the furor? Somebody is making a lot of money on this. That's how most of these wars go. Does anybody doubt that Biden is selling us out to China? Another thing to note: Trump was the only president within memory who didn't start a war somewhere. Biden made a shambles of the Afghanistan withdrawal, ignoring what Trump had planned, and didn't wait six months to jump into another war. But Hurray for Our Side. --- Randy Schuyler