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Hex and combo, solid and flex magnesium anodes

What you'll find here: Replacement hex anodes to make your old water heater last longer and combo anodes to prefit a new heater to increase the rust protection. Also, a special tool for easy removal of anodes. The picture above shows, from top, a solid combo with 4-inch nipple, flex combo, solid hex, flex hex. All items included a roll of pipe-thread-seal tape and instructions. If you're not sure what you need, think about buying a consultation. We'll repay the fee if you buy what we recommend within 10 days. Worth noting: the UPS calculator works well for one or two items, but exaggerates if you buy a bunch. For instance, a recent order of six items generated of $53, when the true shipping was about $18. When this happens, we always refund the difference. If you didn't know that, it might scare you off.

Solid combo magnesium anode 6-inch nipple
Use in heaters with up to 4.5 Inches of insulation; .90-inch-diameter; 45 percent more than most factory anodes. Combos are 48 inches long.
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Flexible combo magnesium anode 6-inch nipple
Use in heaters with up to 4.5 Inches of insulation; .90-inch-diameter; 45 percent more than most factory anodes. Combos are 48 inches long.
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Solid combo magnesium anode 4-inch nipple
Use in heaters with up to 2.5 Inches of insulation; .90-inch-diameter; 45 percent more than most factory anodes. Combos are 48 inches long.
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Solid hex-head magnesium anode rod
.90-inch-diameter; 45 percent more than most factory anodes. Hexes are 44 inches long.
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Flexible combo magnesium anode, 4-inch nipple
Can be used down to about 12 inches of clearance
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Flexible hex-head magnesium anode rod
Can be used down to 12 inches of overhead clearance
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Anode extractor
A special tool built using a torque multiplier that triples the force the user puts
on it, and braces against the water heater itself for leverage, permitting
extraction of even stubborn anodes in tight spaces far from electricity.
SKU26 $700
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Shipping is by UPS Ground within the contiguous United States and Priority Mail to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. UPS does not deliver to post boxes. Allow about a week for shipping. We try for shipment within one business day of receipt, and when we've set up the order, we can give you estimated delivery date and a tracking number. The shopping cart generates an invoice and automated response, but you should hear from us fairly soon thereafter. If there is any hitch with your order, we'll tell you immediately. If you don't hear from us, check your e-mail junk folder. Occasionally spam blockers divert our mail.


Doing it yourself: The products offered here are designed to make water heaters last longer, or solve specific problems. Installation is potentially do-it-yourself, but if you have the least doubt about your abilities, we suggest that you obtain expert help.

Also, it's better to make sure you can loosen the factory anode or pipe nipples before you order. That's easier than ordering and then having to return it. But, too, a plumber can probably get it out even if you can't, so consider that as an option.

Anodes and flush kits are of a standard size used by the whole American water heater industry. They will fit all residential tanks with 3/4-inch plumbing.

An aluminum anode with flat hex head is compared to a magnesium one with a hex head with a bump

About anodes: If you contemplate adding an anode to a new tank, make sure both rods are of the same metal. Otherwise, the magnesium rod will be consumed more rapidly in the presence of an aluminum one and you won't get as long a life. How do you tell them apart? An aluminum hex head will be flat on top, while a magnesium rod will have a bump, as in the photo at left. The exception to that is Rheem and its sub-brands, Ruud/Richmond/General Electric. As far as we know, Rheem always uses magnesium even though there is no bump on top of its anodes. On the other hand, if the tank is five years old or more, having dissimilar metals is less of an issue, since the original one will likely be largely consumed.

Return Policy

Merchandise in original condition can usually be returned within 120 days for a full refund of the purchase price, not including shipping. Write to mail@waterheaterrescue.com for instructions and authorization. If the electrode on a powered anode has been immersed in water, the device cannot be returned.


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