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My goal with waterheaterrescue.com is twofold -- to make a living like everybody else does, and to teach you something about water heaters. There is a lot of free information on my site that should help you solve your problems and help you figure out what you need. But if you need to ask me directly, then I charge for my expertise. A consultation costs $41. But if I recommend a product and you buy it from me within 10 days, then I'll refund the fee.

For solutions to problems, there is the Troubleshooting section and our forum The Tank. Do not ask troubleshooting questions directly. For one thing, I don't know all the answers, while more people than me answer in The Tank. For another, the idea is to provide a place where other people can benefit from the answer given to you. Don't ask for product advice there. I'm not going to give away there what I sell here.

My e-address is mail@waterheaterrescue.com. My postal address is PO Box 761, Marina, CA 93933, but I don't accept mailed orders. I have an online/e-mail-only business model that I adhere closely to, because it's very efficient. Also, you'll note that there is no phone number.

I work most efficiently by e-mail and by staying off the phone. There are three reasons for this:

The weaknesses to this system are people who have their spam blockers set too high, or the e-mail that just gets lost somewhere in cyberspace. If you order something and don't get a delivery date and tracking number within a couple of business days, first check your e-mail client's junk folder. I always send that information to customers when I create their order. Then grump at me by e-mail. Usually there is a workaround.


-- Randy Schuyler