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Q: I seem to have my bottom electric heater element burn out quite regularly (every 6months or so). When I drain the tank I have alot of white scale, but also have a clear goop that is the consistancy of warm jello. What can you suggest to reduce the scale and what is and how do I eliminate the goop.

A: Odds are you have an aluminum anode rod. That would give you the jelly. Replace it with a magnesium one and the factory dip tube and drain valve with a flush kit to control scale buildup. We sell both. -- Randy (10/17/06)

Q: I had a gel sediment in my tank and I replaced the aluminum anode with a zinc anode will this solve my problem?

A: A zinc anode is actually about 92 percent aluminum, so you're likely to still have jelly. But usually people get aluminum/zinc anodes for odor problems, which most are likely to think is a bigger issue than tank-bottom gunk. -- Randy (10/17/06)