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Musings>Elitists' War on America

We could also say Greens or evironmentalists or progressives and that would be true, but since all these people are also elitists, it's a good umbrella term. I used to be an environmentalist, back in the '70s and '80s, but eventually I realized the Sierra Club was just another branch of the Democratic Party. Back in those days, they DID do some good things. They prevented destructive projects and protected forests and open spaces and wild rivers.

Then all the low-hanging fruit was gone. Since then, they've devolved merely into obstruction. Any new project? You can be sure some Green group will fight it. They usually lose, but not before they've driven up its cost. I will even say they are anti-freedom, because they are sure that everybody should do it their way. So they get the government to remove options, so that suddenly the only choice people have for something is their choice.

President Obama declared war on coal, and now coal is mostly out. Now President Biden has declared war on natural gas and gasoline. I happens to be true that there have been times that government set mandates and private companies managed to engineer up to the ability of meeting them. So maybe they think it will happen every time, but right now, most people say it can't be done. Battery technology, especially, is not even close to being there.

New York City just declared war on pizza. It may not win, but remember: obstruction and higher costs.

Merely my theories, naturally, but one is they liked the power. Everybody likes power. Another is that they think they are smarter than everybody else, and that if everybody did what they say, the world would be a better place. Another is that they hate fossil fuels so much that ANYTHING is better, even when it's worse.

We've already had one taste of their brilliance. They did succeed in getting the whole country to recycle. Naturally, that drove up the cost of garbage collection. Then suddenly in about 2021 or 2022, they realized it cost more to recycle plastic than it was worth, and everybody stopped doing it.

One of fhe hallmarks of the Elitist War is that every idea they have makes living cost more for everybody, including the poor. Elitists don't worry about the cost because they are usually financially well-off. If you are slaving to keep your family fed, you can't afford elitism.

But now the elitists are on a relentless drive to ban fossil fuels, called decarbonization. But it's not just those, every power source except expensive, unreliable renewables. They want to get rid of gas cars, gas and coal power plants, nuclear power and make everything electric. They are generally against hydro power, too. Cheap gas furnaces give way to heat-pump electrics, which cost a lot more and are more complicated. Same with water heaters. And with electric water heaters, often the utility can control when you can heat water, something called load balancing to even out demand. Smart meters have also given them a snoopy window into when, where and how you use energy. The only gas heaters allowed may soon be condensing, which cost a lot more and are more complicated

They also want to junk all the current appliances and replace them with more efficient ones. Is efficiency bad? Not always, but neither is it also always good. See the companion essay about the False God of Efficiency. Me, I don't like to pay for the same thing over and over again.

Aside from the added cost to everybody, it makes America more vulnerable. The more it costs to make things, the less competitive businesses become. The more it costs to live, the less money is available for national defense. And when the sole energy source is electricity, it makes destroying the country as simple as taking down the electrical grid. It's also true that when a big freeze comes and takes down the grid regionally, unless you have a wood stove, life will be cold and dark.

But the grid doesn't even have to be sabotaged. Elitists want all electricity to be from solar panels or windmills. Get used to living in a First World country only as long as the sun shines and/or the wind blows, and Third World or worse the rest of the time. Time to make a killing investing in candles!

Another not so small factor is that they think nothing of destroying whole industries. How many people lost their jobs in President Obama's war on coal? How many more will lose their jobs and wealth when the rest of carbon is outlawed?

When you can't go anywhere or stay warm, don't expect the elitists to join you. They're too important to share in the misery they create. They'll have themselves taken care of in some fashion.

But you'll be happier. The elitists guarantee it! --- Randy Schuyler