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The United States used to be E Pluribus Unum -- out of many (states) one (nation). No more. Now it's two countries side by side, and neither knows the other.

In August 2022, I was rebuilding a backyard fence and a liberal friend was helping me. We got to talking about regulations, and he said, "They ought to retire two for every new one."

I said, "Trump did that." He looked at me in shock. He had never heard that. That is because he listens to the legacy liberal media that say what he wants to hear, and his sources never gave Trump any credit whatsoever for anything he accomplished.

I was shocked, too, so I asked him about 10 major stories that were trending right then, including the messy Afghanistan withdrawal and Hunter Biden's laptop. He'd not heard of ANY of them.

Now the point of this is not the media. You could say much the same about the media I watch, which is conservative. Media have all kinds of tricks. First off, they decide what will appear, and if they decide you don't need to know something, you won't unless you run across it somewhere else. Or they spin it and claim it means something other than the reality. They also slant, both in headlines and in the story.

The legacy media protect President Biden in all kinds of ways and the conservative media exagerrate negative news about him in all kinds of ways.

My friend at one point said, "I always thought that in the end, Americans would find some way to come together," but how can they do that when they don't even know what's going on?

So, hold your nose and read media you don't agree with. If you can, read foreign news sources, too. They often have angles on what's going on in America that American media don't have. --- Randy Schuyler