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You all know them well. Al Gore and John Kerry are a couple. CNN is another. Prince Harry and James Cameron are two more. Richard Attenborough may be the worst, although there is lots of competition for that title. What would we do without Greta Thunberg? But why does she only shout "How dare you?" in Europe. Why never China or India? Probably there is a cell in a Uighur camp for people who shout too loud there.

They all have the same message: the world is coming to an end and unless you give over your freedom, you're doomed. You only have X number of days or years before it's too late. They also cite scary statistics, but occasionally they get called out for telling tall tales.

Why do I not believe them? Because they don't walk the walk. Gore and Kerry fly around in a private jet. CNN built its new headquarters on the East River in New York. Sea level. Barack Obama bought a $15 million house on Martha's Vineyard. Sea level. Same for Cameron. If they really thought the oceans were going to rise, would they be doing that? Doomsday deadlines come and go.

Google "predatory manipulation." You'll find that one of the techniques is to stampede people into some act without enough time to consider it. That's what doomsday warnings do. Breitbart writer John Nolte listed nearly four dozen a couple of years ago, here. Some of these were new ice age as well as global warming scenarios. All the deadlines came and went. But it doesn't stop these people from trying again. They know if we get scared enough, we might swallow the bait.

While writing this, another story appeared on 6/21/23 about a Greta Thunberg doomsday prediction. That day was a deadline that came and went like all of them do.

And today, 9/6/23 (I'm adding stuff as it appears), The New York Post reprinted an essay by a climate researcher explaining how climate scientists have to warp their research to get it published in prestigious journals that don't want to hear any mitigating factors.

Anyway, 9/11 proved the concept, and we got rampant spying on us. And covid proved it again. How could two weeks to "flatten the curve" turn into years of fascist controls over free citizens? They hated giving up that power, so expect many more "emergencies."

Recent tall tales:

The legacy media loves trumpeting these scams and loves hiding stories that debunk them. Forests are a double whammy. Environmentalists block efforts to manage forests and then blame the resulting fires on climate change.

Here's a slightly different one, a scientist who explains why the "consensus of scientists" claim is fake, 8/10/23. It's important to note that if your only news sources are CNN and MSNBC, it's almost impossible for you to believe the sky isn't falling. There is no objectivity left there. Every story assumes that destructive climate change is real and piles story on story to reinforce it. Readers never see the other side unless they view media that naturally make them furious. They also are never reminded that the policies of China and India cancel anything they might attempt hereL LIkely they would not change their minds even if they knew the truth, but to not know it makes them dangerous.

Why Attenborough? Because he reported in a documentary that sea lions were leaping off cliffs due to climate change. It turned out that polar bears were attacking them. All he would have had to do was move the camera a little. But why let a crisis go to waste? --- Randy Schuyler