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Hummingbird: Outside Technologies

xxx Photo of inside of solar storage tank that is also a link to a slideshow

Most every house is going to have a foundation, maybe a frame, walls, a roof, water and power systems and maybe a deck.

What sets this house apart is that most of those things are there, but they are either super-efficient or low/no-maintenance, or both.

I'm including Hummingbird Central as one of the outside technologies. You can regard it as entertainment technology. Or, if you're a helicopter pilot, you can just watch with total envy, as Nature outdoes your pathetic hovering machine.

Insulated Foundation

Water System

Stress-Skin Panels

No-Maintenance Exterior Walls

Solar Water-Heating

Solar Electrical System

Giving the Sun a Hand

Gravity at Work

Decks of Trex and Trix

Hummingbird Central