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Anode extractor hooked up to socket and ratchet, and in case











The picture above right shows the product that is being sold. It is just the extractor, but no ratchet wrench or sockets. We expect most plumbers will already have those. The picture at left shows a half-inch drive socket and 3/4-inch-drive, 12-point, 1 and 1/16-inch socket typically used for residential-type anodes. Made in U.S.A.

This anode extractor was developed using an industrial torque multiplier, which triples the amount of force the user employs through gear reduction. Thus one full turn of the tool generates one-third of a turn on the anode, but at more than three times the force the user expended.

The brass fitting attached to its end braces against a pipe nipple or any other feature on top of a water heater to generate leverage using the tank itself.

Thus, anodes can be removed without electricity and in very tight spaces. A major advantage of this tool over a torque wrench is the degree of control and "feel."

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