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Q: I have an individual in my house who takes 40min showers twice a day. I have looked into shower heads with timers. But I am wondering if there is a device I can put on the water heater that would time length of hot water used. If not could someone invent one ;)

Also it was suggested that I turn the shut off value half way to restrict the amount of hot water being used...but I of course don't want to damage or cause leaks in my water heater...

Turning temp down or up the water heater does not work. Showers with high temp still are 40 min showers and if I turn down the water heater showers turn into over an hour a day, twice a day.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A1: One of the more entertaining solutions someone once mentioned was a shutoff valve downstream from the heater. When your individual has been in too long, you just close it, and s/he can then have as long a cold shower as desired. -- Randy

A2: Hello:  The only thought that comes to mind and won't make war, is to install an ultra low flow showerhead.  Use one gallon per minute or less.  That will more than double what you get from a gallon of hot water.  I even found shower heads that puts out only .5 gpm!  That could be useful! -- Larry

A3: If you have a two element electric WH, set the top thermostat to 130F and the lower thermostat to 100F. When the 130F water is gone you can shower but will not enjoy 100F water. -- David (4/16/16)