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Ideas From 2017

What you'll find on this page: Here are links to presentations that were given at the 2017 at the ACEEE Hot Water Forum in Portland, OR. Often, you'll see a slide show that covers the bare bones of the more elaborate talk given by the speaker.

Developments in Multifamily CDHW Distribution Controls and Crossover Research -- by Gabriel Ayala of Enovative. Ponderous title, yes, but the part that interests us is the last two words. They call it crossover; we call it cross connection. It means cold water can get into the hot line and keep people from getting hot water. Their project partly involved tracking down cross connections in multifamily housing.

Solar Powered Water Heating Technology Research -- by Gerardo Diaz of UC-Merced department of mechanical engineering department. This is a bare-bones PowerPoint presentation about using microtubes for solar water heating in a low-cost system.

Cost-Competitive Horizontal Drain Water Heat Recovery -- by Ecodrain. In the past, drain-water heat recovery systems have been vertical. This one changes that.

Creative Workarounds to the NAECA 3 Large Tank Heat Pump Water Heater Requirement -- by Geoff Wickes. When the NAECA 3 energy rules came in about two years ago, the idea was that any gas heater bigger than 55 gallons had to be condensing, and any electric had to be heat-pump. But both of those are expensive, so people have sought and found ways around the rule.

Water Quality and Disease

The Unintended Consequences of Increasing Water Heating Efficiency -- by Gary Klein. This is the opener for this segment, asking questions about what happens when water sits for longer and longer periods in tanks and piping.

Water Quality Considerations in Green Building Design -- By Williams Rhoads, Amy Pruden and Marc Edwards of the Water Research Foundation. They go deeper into the concept of "water age," and what health issues could arise from water sitting too long because systems have gotten more efficient.

Potential for Flow Rate to Impact Growth of Legionella in Building Plumbing -- By Williams Rhoads, Amy Pruden and Marc Edwards of the Water Research Foundation. Legionella is a growing problem, especially in hospitals, and this presentation examines some of the issues surrounding it.

Monochloramine Hot Water Treatment for Legionella Control -- By Janet Stout of Special Pathogens Laboratory talks more about the growth of legionella issues in drinking water and community water systems, ways to disinfect them, and the growing use of monochloramine.

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