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Ideas From 2016

What you'll find on this page: Here are links to presentations that were given at the 2016 at the ACEEE Hot Water Forum in Portland, OR. Often, you'll see a slide show that covers the bare bones of the more elaborate talk given by the speaker. Also, several slide shows were damaged somehow, so that some slides don't appear.

Green Energy Waste Heat Recovery Solutions -- by Rick Caruso, discusses how to use drain-water heat recovery systems to preheat water to tank and tankless water heaters and save energy in both commercial and residential applications.

Hot Water Recycling or Grey Water Heat -- by James Domanski and Kaity Tang, talks about a system to recover drain-water heat and also filter the water for re-use.

Orbital Systems' Shower of the Future -- by David Epstein introduces a shower system that can give a 10-minute shower that uses 1.5 gallons of water instead of the normal 25 gallons, using recyling and purifications technologies

Thermostatic Shutoff Valve -- Troy Sherman revisits the structural waste/behavioral waste issue and talks about how Evolve Technology's thermostatic shutoff valve can save the hot water that is wasted before people step into the shower.

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