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Ideas From 2015

What you'll find on this page: Here are links to presentations that were given at the 2015 at the ACEEE Hot Water Forum in Nashville. Often, you'll see a slide show that covers the bare bones of the more elaborate talk given by the speaker. Also, several slide shows were damaged somehow, so that some slides don't appear.

Water and Energy Use

Understanding Behavioral Waste in the Shower and Its Impact on Water and Energy Efficiency -- by Troy Sherman, discusses the two factors key factors: structural waste and behavioral waste. Most people would nod at the idea that water is wasted running down the drain to get hot water to the shower, but would be surprised, as I was, by how much human habit can add to waste.

Comparing the Energy Requirements of Hot Water Circulation System Control Strategies -- by Gary Klein. There is more than one way to get quick hot water. The several solutions each have their advantages and disadvantages and this presentation delves into what they are and how they work.

Grid-Interactive Water Heaters: It’s About Energy Storage! -- by Chantal Hendrzak. I expect everybody in the eastern U.S. will yawn at this, but I, who live in California, where the utility rate structure is slanted against electric water heater use, learned something new about how utilities store heat at off-peak in people's water heaters. A lot of this year's forum concerned utilities who are worried about how the new DOE rules promoting heat-pump water heaters will effect their ability to store that heat.

Other Topics:

The Good Old Water Heater Days Are Gone -- by Randy Schuyler. The days of installing a water heater and forgetting it have mostly come to an end. Post-FVIR gas heaters and heat-pump heaters have air screens and filters that need to be cleaned regularly. The gas heaters will shut down and the heat-pumps will switch to resistance heating and all the energy efficiency goes down the drain.

The Front Lines: Helping Installers Understand and Promote High Efficiency -- by George Chapman, Coalition for Energy Star. This is over the heads of the average consumer, but plumbers who frequent this site might be interested. There was recognition at the forum that implementation of any new initiative can be boosted -- or sunk -- by the professionals in the field.

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