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Ideas From 2012

What you'll find on this page: Here are links to presentations that were given at the 2012 at the ACEEE Hot Water Forum in Berkeley. Often, you'll see a slide show that covers the bare bones of the more elaborate talk given by the speaker.

Solar: New Approaches to Cutting Costs in The U.S.

Radically Reducing the Cost of Solar Water-Heating -- by Jay Burch, takes a hard look at the state of the solar water heating industry today, examining equipment costs, labor costs, what he calls soft costs -- marketing and such, and the time it takes for payback, in an effort to find a way to cut costs and make the concept more palatable to the broader public.

Simple Solar Water-Heating -- by Larry Weingarten, who says that one reason solar water heating hasn't taken over everywhere is because the equipment and installation cost so much that it takes many years for it to pay for itself. He describes a system he created using some plastic pipe that gets the price below a thousand dollars, as opposed to about $8,000 for the typical system.

Using Low-Loss, Evacuated-Tube Solar Collectors to Simplify System Design -- by Kevin Dickson, who offers another approach to affordable solar heating.

Solar: A Worldwide View

Comparison of U.S., Chinese, and Israeli Solar Hot Water System Cost and Performance -- by William Goetzler, Navigant Consulting. Solar installations in the U.S. are running at 30,000 a year, but in other parts of the world, they run to the millions.

How Does China Capture Over 80 Percent of the World Solar Water-Heating Market? -- by Bill Miao, SunEnergyNet. China accounts for 80 percent of the world solar water-heating market. Bill Miao says it's more than just population.

Other Topics:

On-Bill Repayment for Building and Appliance Energy Upgrades -- by James Fine, Environmental Defense Action Fund. Last year, Bill Hoover expressed the view that nobody would be able to afford high-end, high-efficiency heaters because everybody is living on the edge. This year, he and James Fine offered a solution.

Unlocking the Power of Grey Water -- by Craig Richmond, Nexuse Water. An Australian describes a device that captures household gray water, purifies it, and returns it to the household for use.

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