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Troubleshooting DVD

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Larry Weingarten, co-author of the Water Heater Workbook, takes you through two hours and ten minutes of hands-on learning about tank-type water heaters in the field.

Filmed by Patrick Daugherty, it's broken into three main sections:

In particular, anyone with an electric water heater should have this video, because there are more ways to find yourself without hot water than with a gas heater and the video will help you pinpoint the problem and fix it.

The video is filmed in the real world rather than in a studio. You get to see actual examples of heater problems and how to think about and deal with them in the most cost effective way. Low-key humor and some surprises along the way make what could be an overly technical topic easier to digest. Have a look at this 12-minute video on You-Tube to get a feel for what to expect.

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