Water Heater Rescuer Kit with Solid Hex-Head Magnesium Anode, SKU2

Buy this Water Heater Rescuer kit if your heater came with a hex-type anode and you want to replace it to extend the tank’s life. This kit comprises:

  1. A curved dip tube with 4-inch pipe nipple for flushing sediment
  2. A .90-inch hex-head magnesium anode, which is 44 inches long and needs that much clearance
  3. A lead-free brass ball valve drain assembly with 4-inch PEX-lined nipple, and brass cap
  4. A Water Heater Workbook. Included instructions are keyed to the book. Teflon tape is also included.

The anode provides rust protection equivalent to a 12-year-warranty tank and the flush kit lets you control sediment buildup simply by hooking up a hose and running the water under pressure for five minutes. Please tell us by e-mail the distance from the top of the heater to the drain valve so we can custom-bend the dip tube.

If you’re confused by anything, you can buy a consultation for $41 and the fee will be refunded if you buy the product we recommend within 10 days.


Water Heater Rescue

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