Yikes! Never heard of powered anodes??

The Tank Yikes! Never heard of powered anodes??

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    Replacing my Bock oil-fired water heater with another Bock 32E, rear flue, glass-lined or copper, and want to switch out the anode(s) to a powered anode or anluminum+zinc anode.
    Also considering a TFI Everhot oil-fired hot water heater.

    A small plumbing company and a local oil heating company, in rural New York State said they never heard of powered anodes! They didn’t seem too sure about the reason for aluminum+zinc anodes either. They did say they would look into it and install them it that’s what we wanted.

    Have well water, did water lab tests with KarLabs.com, have smelly water on the hot water, hard water, iron, manganese, sulfur, PH 7.8.

    Two choices:
    Katalox Light(KL) filter + new water softener+ new water heater with new anode
    Chemical injection with H2O2(hydrogen peroxide) + 80 gal. retention tank + Katalox Light filter + new water softener + new water heater with new anode

    Thinking of trying the first option to save money and leaving room to add other equipment, if needed.

    Does it seem reasonable to try the aluminum+zinc anode(s) first? Need two with the Bock and one or two (?) with the TFI Everhot. Is there a good chance of that solving the smelly water problem?

    Or do we need the powered anode? One for either brand.

    Thank you.

    Randy Schuyler

    If it’s just a matter of odor, think about getting one powered anode, SKU27, and plugging the other anode port in the Bock. Or one SKU27 for the Everhot. And forget all the rest of that stuff — the UV, the peroxide injector. Some people have the idea that the bacteria that cause the odor must be killed, but except for causing odor, they are harmless.

    As to the people who have never heard of powered anodes, if they google impressed-current anode, they’ll find they’re used all over. A.O. Smith offers one in some of their high-end heaters.

    Randy Schuyler


    Thank you for your response! Good to know. We will order the powered anode when we decide on which water heater.

    Decided not to get a copper lined tank, Bock or Everhot, as they’re too expensive!

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