where's my anode?

The Tank where's my anode?

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    Wow, what a great site. I recently moved to a new home that is on a well and I have smelly hot water. The site has been extremely helpful in giving me some answers, I just wanted to clarify a few things before I made any purchases. My water heater is a Premier Plus, made by American Water Heater Co, model # G62-40T34-3P. I didn’t see a hex head bolt on top, is it the 3/4 drive insert on the side near the top? Or do you know if this models’ anode is located in the inlet port? I also read about adding peroxide. Would you recommend this in addition to purchasing an aluminum/zinc anode. thank you for your time.. jon

    Randy Schuyler

    If you can’t see it anywhere on top of the tank, or in a recess under a plastic cap, then there is a chance that it is underneath the sheet-metal cover.

    We serviced a bunch of older American-brand heaters, and American makes Whirlpool, that had the anode just a little behind and to the right of the right rear hole for the draft diverter. We usually used that hole to start our cut to make an access hole in the cover to change the anode.

    It is also possible it’s in the hot-water port, but that would be a change for American, which in the past, hasn’t done it that way.

    Randy Schuyler


    I purchased the 80 gal electric..anode was under a plastic dust cap behind the coldwater inlet marked anode under 3 inches of solid foam insulation that I had to cut away. Once cut away it was misaligned and when I called Whirlpool. The installation manual said to replace the anode at least every 3 years..I think it would probably void the warranty if it is not replaced, so they told me I could modify the unit by cutting and enlarging the access hole or return it to Lowes..where I purchased it since when I asked for money for my labor or doing a mod to their unit they said that was not possible. :X

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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