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The Tank What items #'s to order?

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    I was wondering which size/product #’s I would order from your site for a new aluminum/zinc anode and a powered anode for my water heater? I am considering ordering one or the other. I have a RheemGlas Fury 50 gal high altitude water heater model 41V50. Also, is there a way to determine if the tank is already destroyed/corroded or past the point of being helped by anode replacement? I lost my xray vision goggles and can’t find them. HeHe.

    Like many others, I had very hard water and added a softner. Now I have a whole new set of probs. If its not one thing it’s another. 🙂

    Thanks in advance,

    Randy Schuyler

    Somewhat. I tell people to, from my home page, click on The Basics, and then Know-How, and do the external inspection described there. It’s a lot harder these days to get a good look into the combustion chamber because it’s sealed, with a tiny window, but you can see examples in Know-How of what good and bottom chamber roofs look like. If it’s good, “rescuing” is a possibility.

    After that, you have to pull out the anode and hope there is something left of it. If it is completely gone, but the combustion chamber looks good, I like the idea of trying a sacrificial anode for one year. If the tank survives, switch to powered. If it breaks, you are only out the cost of that anode.

    For aluminum/zinc, SKU11 if you’ve got 44 inches overhead clearance or SKU12 if you don’t. For powered anode, SKU27.

    I assume you have odor issues because of these choices. If not, using a magnesium anode is cheaper and will give more protection.

    Randy Schuyler

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