Water Pressure Loss When Turned To Hot

The Tank Water Pressure Loss When Turned To Hot

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    I apologize for this terrible novice subject. In the past year I moved in with my girlfriend (now wife). We live in a 100+ year old city rowhome. The water heater is about 10 years old. We used to have weak, but decent water pressure with both hot and cold water. However, now, when turning the knobs to hot, the water pressure declines significantly. Also, when the washer or kitchen sink is turned on, the water pressure in the shower declines to, literally, a drip.

    We removed the screen in the sink faucet and found a bunch of grey and black sediment. We think this may have built up either in the pipes, or the water heater. Now, we are wondering if we need a new water heater, new pipes, or both. Any advice is much appreciated, thank you.

    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: You might go to “tanklets” and read up on water pressure, but I’d get a gauge and put it on the heater’s drain to see what static pressure is and what happens as you run one two or three taps. Let us know. From there we can get closer to where the problem is.

    Yours, Larry

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