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    Porter Ranch House has copper pipes…. at least inside…. in past 30 years water pressure has dropped. Lots of development in area in past years. At one point we had well over 90 lbs static at hose bib on house side of pressure reducer device….

    30 years ago I made the measurements because I designed/installed a sprinkler system for the wood shake roof for fire protection.

    Now water pressure measures less than 40 PSI static….. no other water running in house…. static measurement at hose bib on load/house side of pressure reducer. Called DWP and they won’t respond unless I am a licensed plumber. That’s our tax dollars and DWP payments at work…. nothing about I am a customerbuying their product and they are a supplier of a product/service. Maybe I’m old fashioned.

    Any ideas on the dwindling pressure and how to get the DWP to take some measurements and action would be appreciated. Maybe it is an internal pipe/plumbing problem but I doubt it since all measurements were made static – no water flowing.

    Other houses in neighborhood are also complaining but not as vocally.



    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: Two ideas come to mind. One is to put your gauge on that bibb and watch it at different times of day. Particularly, you want to know the highest static pressure, which will probably be at night. If the high pressure is adequate, installing a large pressure tank on the main line coming in along with a check valve upstream of it will help give you the higher pressure more of the day. Knowing your daily usage is necessary for sizing the tank. The only other fix is a booster pump 😕

    Yours, Larry


    To what does the pressure drop when you open a faucet or two? Many times it is a flow issue rather than a pressure issue. If the pressure drops significantly when a couple faucets are open, you’ve got at least three possible causes:

    1) There is a restriction in the main line. All the valves open completely? Hard water scale reducing diameter?

    2) The main line is just too small. A 1/2″ main might supply enough water at 90psi but not at 40psi.

    3) Your pressure reducer is bad. 90psi on house side at one time seems too high, so maybe it has never worked correctly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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