US Waterheater 30gal ?

The Tank US Waterheater 30gal ?

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    Have a US Waterheater manfactured in 1987 it says Security waterheater on the front of it. It’s 22 years old and seems to be working fine but I know someday it will go. Does US Wareheater Co still make the 30gal Model MRG30T5LN-6. Been a good heater would like to get another sometime.:)


    Standard WHs are steel tanks protected by anode rods. Once the anode rod is mostly consumed the tank will begin to rust. Both anode rods and tanks will last 2 to 10 or 12 years depending upon water characteristics. So if you buy a WH and don’t do any maintenance it will last between 4 and maybe 24 or 25 years. But the brand has little to do with it. The water in the tank is its enemy. Only proper maintenance will make one last. Of course naturally soft water is best on a WH but you don’t get to choose water charactertics. Artifically softened water it actually hard on a WH if softened to the max.


    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: You have an old tank. If you’re feeling lucky, replace the anode and hope it wasn’t too late. If it keeps on leak-free, great 😉 If it leaks, keep the newish anode for your new heater.

    Whatever, do replace the relief valve and check the dip tube.

    Yours, Larry

    ps. You might want to call around to check prices on new heaters, installed. It could give you some guidance on how to proceed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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