turning off tank. Leaving it full

The Tank turning off tank. Leaving it full

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    Ok. I have 2 hot water tanks in my condo. #1 (the electric) is for sinks, tubs, etc. The other tank #2 (gas) does nothing other than heat the place via forced air (strange system). It’s almost double the size of the electric potable hot water tank, and I DON”T USE THE HEATER EVER! It’s costing me money for no reason.

    Can I shut off tank #2 (gas) and leave the tank full? or should I drain it all together? Because it’s not in the potable chain, should I still be concerned about things growing inside the tank? Or is rust my biggest worry?

    I get strange looks from others when I ask, and was hoping for some guidance.

    Thanks a bunch.


    Randy Schuyler

    If you don’t need it to heat your apartment, ever, then it might be simplest to turn it off and drain it. Rust is indeed probably the biggest issue. There is an anode in the tank and it will continue to corrode in reaction with interior steel as long as there is water in the tank.

    Randy Schuyler



    Wasting money: What else do you use gas for? Is this natural or propane? If you have natural gas you will usually continue to receive a bill just for the meter fee each month even with no usage unless you tell the gas company you don’t want any service and they lock the cock valve. They may charge a disconnect fee and/or a reconnect fee if you decide later to be reconnected.

    If it’s propane and you own the tank you should be OK. If the gas company owns the tank, tank rental is covered by gas use; if you quit using you will probably get a bill for the tank.



    Thanks for the input guys.

    The tank runs off Natural gas… my Clothes dryer and fireplace also run off Natural gas, so I expect to still recieve bills. I own the tank, It just never gets cold enough to use the forced air heat.

    Thank you again for the advice. Now I know what I can do this Weekend.

    All The Best,



    I would drain the tank if I was not going to use it and make sure I left a way for air to circulate thru the tank to help it keep dry.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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