ruud want stay lite in july august

The Tank ruud want stay lite in july august

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    My wife and i bought this house in june 2007 from a couple that had it built in 2005. I had to go in the attic and lite the hot water heater 6 or 7 times in july and august 2007 and 6 or 7 times july and august 2008. Thinking it was poor ventilation i add 80 feet of ridge cap. Problem solved ,till today,no hot water. The other 2 water heaters never have been a problem. thanks

    Randy Schuyler

    What kind of air gets into the water heater space? What do you mean by ridge cap? One issue could be pilot going out from not enough oxygen; another could be wind blowing it out.

    Meanwhile, a colleague was addressing a similar problem a little way down. It’s the one with about 50 replies. It was begun several years ago, and someone found it and posted on the end of it. It, also, involved attics and high temperatures. Might be worth a read (just the end of it).

    Randy Schuyler

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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