running my water heater at higher temp.

The Tank running my water heater at higher temp.

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    I was running out of hot water especially in the mornings. I recently raised the settings to almost hottest and I get enough hot water now. Is there any issue with running very hot water in the copper lines? Does it cause them to leak or break faster than lower temps?

    Also, do these hot water pump to cold water line technique really speed up hot water?


    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: Random thoughts.. Hot water will cause copper piping to expand (and contract when it cools) more than not so hot water. That will increase stress at joints. Corrosion essentially doubles with every twenty degree rise in temperature. Scalding is a concern with water that’s too hot. There may be a problem with cross connections in the plumbing, or a failed dip tube in the heater. I’d check these things before going the more expensive route of leaving the heater turned up all the time. is a source of information on recirc systems that don’t need a separate recirc line. Used correctly, they will save time, energy and water.

    Hope that is of some use. 🙄

    Yours, Larry

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