Replace ANODE or get a new tank??

The Tank Replace ANODE or get a new tank??

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    Glad I found this site! We moved into a house in 2012. The house was built in 2008, but there was only one person living here. The house has a Bradford White 75 gal LP heated water heater (powered vent.) We’ve had a plumber friend tell us that this tank is overkill for this house…but we didn’t build this place to begin with. He recommends a 50 gal if/when we replace it. We have well water, and we installed a water softener to deal with the hard water. Fast forward and we are getting the sulfur smells. We’ve tried just changing our whole house pre-filter when we notice the smell, but that gets costly, and is a band-aid. We had the plumber treat the hot water heater and well with chlorox, but the smell came back within a month. I then read up on using hydrogen peroxide in the hot water heater. So I shocked the well with chlorine tablets to get the source. Then I treated the hot water heater with the hydrogen peroxide. That has gotten us around 2 months of non-smelly water. But it is back…..

    I was going to just have a new water heater put in, but then I found your website and the powered anode. Our M2TW7576CX water heater was built 4/9/2008, and the warranty expired on 7/31/2014. NOTHING has ever been done with regards to that anode. This is the Bradford White, LP powered vent model, so the anode is a combo unit with the hot water out nipple.

    I will continue to treat the source of the issue, which is the well itself. BUT, I guess my choices are to (A) buy a new hot water heater (problem will occur again in the future. (B) Buy a new hot water heater and replace the anode with the powered anode you sell, and void the warranty right away. or (C) just replace the anode, or what is left of it, in our existed hot water heater that is now almost 8 years old and out of warranty, with your powered anode. Correct?

    I just want to make sure I should order SKU25. I’ve attached a picture of our hot water heater.

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    Randy Schuyler

    How long ago did you install the softener? If you’ve been softening for two or three years, I’d lean toward a new tank because odds are the anode is gone and putting in a powered one might not save the heater. Also, you have hard copper plumbing and that’s more trouble to work with. Someone would have to cut it, reroute it, because the powered anode requires the plumbing to come into a tee from the side, and then solder it back together, unless code allows flexible lines.

    You could transfer the powered anode, but only if the new heater is as deep as the old one, and that might not be the case with a 50-gallon. Finally, you only void the warranty if they know you did it and the only way they’d know would be if you told them. I cringe when people call the manufacturer and ask!

    Do make sure that the next heater has a fan housing that won’t get in the way of the anode. Some models have the fan housing extending right over the anode port. When you get close to buying one, e-mail me at, tell me you’re Gritbob, and tell me what you’re getting and I’ll advise further.

    One more thing: stop messing with the well. The issue is just the water heater. Peroxide is plenty good for that. The bacteria that cause the odor are otherwise harmless.

    Randy Schuyler


    Thanks. I have PEX piping….they only used the copper that you see in the picture, so getting it into the T is no problem! Thank goodness.

    We’ve had the water softener installed for about 3 1/2 years now.

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