propane water heater overheating on low setting

The Tank propane water heater overheating on low setting

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    We bought an American water heater Proline 6yr, 40 gal propane model #FG62-40T40-3POV two years ago. WE had erratic temperature problems such as after 5 days of being on vacation setting, the temperature at the faucet was 150 degrees F. After talking to the factory, they sent out a new UNITROL Gas control valve/ thermostat. After installing the replacement unit the temperature swings were still there, but a little less dramatic. The factory rep. said that it was due to “dead banding” so for a year we lived with it and now it has started being much worse. Even with the temp dial set on the 120 d F mark it was getting well over that so we reduced it 2 notches below and the full on hot open faucet was lukewarm (100 d F) for a few days, then the next day it was suddenly 160 d F. It’s at a point now where we’re willing to scrap this unit and buy another if we can’t fix it. Hopefully you have suggestions to fix the problem or recommendations for a replacement.


    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: Basically there are two manufacturers of gas controls in the US; Robertshaw and White Rodgers. I’d call the factory rep back and see what they can do as it sounds like your problem was never adequately addressed. Propane is not to be taken lightly 😯

    Yours, Larry

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