Powerflex burner won't light

The Tank Powerflex burner won't light

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    I installed a Powerflex PVG62-50T63-3NHV nat gas water heater today. After completing all the connection I lit the pilot light to try out the new heater. The pilot lit normally and that is where the troubles began. Once I turn the knob to on the blower turns on and I hear an audible click from the gas solenoid. The main burner fails to light though. No gas smell, nothing. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be? I have no hot water and an angry wife right now in my house By the way this unit was barely used when I got it, it has been sitting for a few years in my basement waiting to replace my old one which sprung a leak yesterday.

    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: I’m not sure this will help, but a search for “Powerflex” turned up these discussions. http://www.thetankatwaterheaterrescue.com/forums/search.php?s=1&q=powerflex&forum_id=3

    Hope that points you in a useful direction.

    Yours, Larry

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