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    I am very interested in your powered anode as I believe it will help in my situation, but first some background. My house is thirteen years old and two weeks ago my father and I just installed my third hot water tank, an A.O. Smith GCV 50 series 200. My previous tank only lasted five years and seven months. An inspection of the primary magnesium rod and secondary rods from this tank, a Kenmore Power Miser 12, revealed they were totally gone; the only part left was the steel support wire which held the magnesium component. Since February of 2002, I have had a Kinetico Quadra-Flow water conditioning system, which filters and softens the water, maybe even softening too much. It was this inspection of the rods in the Kenmore tank, and both of us searching the Internet, that we realized the issue which caused these tanks to fail is the softened (possibly over-softened) water, which lead us to your site. I now believe the power anode that you sell will solve my issue when soft water and hot water storage tanks are used together. I do have some questions, if I may.

    First, does the powered anode require any periodic maintenance?

    Second, based on the model of my new A.O. Smith tank (GCV 50 series 200) I believe the correct model I would need is the SKU27, can you confirm?

    Third, I believe this tank only has one anode rod, does this sound correct?

    I hope I have given enough information in order to help everyone understand my current situation.

    Thank You. 🙂

    Randy Schuyler

    First, the powered anode requires no maintenance, but it’s still a good idea to check the water heater occasionally, both because other things happen when nobody is looking, and because a very small number of powered anodes have stopped working after as long as a year in the heater.

    If you ever pass it and see the LED is out, let me know immediately and I’ll send another.

    Second, SKU27 is the right one. I looked at the spec sheet for this heater and it appears to only have one hex anode. You would know better than me, though, if it was a 6-year-, 9-year or 12-year-warranty heater. If the latter two, there might be a combo rod in the hot port.

    Randy Schuyler


    Hello Randy and thank you for your reply.

    That’s good advice about checking the LED status indicator on the poweed anode and I will follow it.

    My current heater, the A.O. Smith GCV 50 series 200, does have a six year warrenty and based on my research, and the parts breakdown in the manual, it does have only one hex rode. Though, just to be sure, when we install the powered anode, we will test the hot port to see if it has a combo rod by probing down the hot port with a long slender screwdriver to see if it bottoms out.

    With the information you provided, I will be ordering the powered anode very soon.

    I will report back once the rod is installed just to update the rest of the community, incase there is interest.

    Thank you.

    Randy Schuyler

    If it’s six-year, then it will be just one anode.

    Randy Schuyler

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