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    I’m moving my water heater outside, to the back porch. There will be roof overhang, (wooden eaves). The water heater needs more than just a cap doesn’t it?

    I assume it needs to have a chimney thru the roof just as if it was inside right?


    Some other questions mainly about freezing conditions:

    Is this porch heated, enclosed, or not enclosed?

    If not enclosed consider wind chill?

    How much water line will be exposed between the heater and a heated wall?

    In a former residence, my water heater was in an unheated attached garage. I kept the water heater off except just prior to use. One night the temperature went to low teens. I had a pipe freeze and burst behind the water heater.

    So if moving the water heater to the porch think about all the ways something can freeze then be prepared.



    It will have a shed around it. Coupled with being under an overhang with temps just below 32F only a few nights a year and for just a few hours and in a corner with two heated walls, freeze damage risk is considered none.


    Many times moving your heater outside and enclosing it in a water heater shed can increase maintenance required on the heater due to dusty or dirty enviorments. In my area this is the number one cause of service repairs. You can contact the manufaturer to request additional filter or screens if the water heater is suseptable to dirt.

    Yes you will need to raise the flue to a point above the roof where it cuts through. Here it is 12 inches.


    Thanks, I’ll make sure to be aware of the dust/dirt issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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