Pilot light shuts off sometimes

The Tank Pilot light shuts off sometimes

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    I have a State Select gas water heater, model no. GS640YBRT.

    In the summer I have the temperature setting at “A” the first setting. This is good for the summer, but in the winter I need a little more hot water. When I raise the setting to the middle of “A” and “B”, the water heats accordingly, but in the morning the pilot light is out. I can light the pilot and set the dial to the setting between “A” and “B” and the water heats just fine. But still the pilot light goes out. Not right a way, but sometime during the day. I have not been able to actually see the pilot go out because it happens sporadically.

    If I light the pilot and set the setting to “A”, I don’t have this problem. Only when I raise the dial for hotter water.

    Any suggestions?

    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: Strange problem 😕 Normally there is little or no connection between temperature setting and pilot function. Lots of other things affect the pilot, Yours is an FVIR heater, which means there are screens to clog up. There is a black plastic one at the base of the heater in front. Take it out and wash it. Also, there is a ceramic flame arrestor directly under the burner. If you can get to the bottom side of it with a vacuum with brush (through the opening where the plastic screen goes) or possibly a feather duster, you might be able to get better air flow into the combustion chamber. It may be that heating hotter, affects air flow through the unit. There is a contributor here, Ej, who knows this side of things quite well. Perhaps he’ll have some thoughts 😉

    Yours, Larry

    ps. If you have some spare time and feel like watching the pilot to see just how it fails, that would be useful.


    Well I was able to sweep the combustion area w/ a feather duster and so far so good. The pilot hasn’t gone out in over a day. Hopefully that’s the end of that.

    Thank you very much,


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