Pilot Doesn't Stay Lighted At High Thermostat Settings

The Tank Pilot Doesn't Stay Lighted At High Thermostat Settings

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    My pilot light won’t stay lit at higher thermostat settings. It will stay lit indefinitely (weeks) on low thermostat settings, but when set beyond mid- point, the pilot light will go out after the new higher set point is reached and burner cycles off. I’ve already changed the thermocouple and cleaned the pilot oriface. Draft and condensate aren’t a problem. Some of the similar posts haven’t quite touched on or answered my particular problem. I would appreciate suggestions that account for the pilot light differences based on high vs. low thermostat settings. This is a GREAT forum! Thanks!

    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: The only thing that comes to mind is to watch the pilot light as the main burner comes on and goes off. I suspect the main burner is pulling the pilot flame away from the thermocouple or going out with a pop, which can blow out the pilot. Let us know what you see.

    Yours, Larry


    I wonder if the problem you’re having is similar to the problem I’m having. My pilot goes out when the burner cycles off at anything over about 100 deg F. But if I leave the thermostat setting low, my pilot will stay lit–I’m not sure for how long since the water at that temp isn’t very useable, and I just keep going to the garage and relighting the pilot every few hours.

    See my rather lengthy post with a description of what’s been going on, and see if that’s similar to what’s happening with your heater.

    Monday the thermostat gets replaced, so I’ll let you know whether or not that solves my problem.

    Best of luck with your water heater, Todd


    I’m having a similar problem.It’s a rheem 80 gal with a tjerlund power venter,set @ 130.Thermocouple holds in fine but when t-stat is satisfied,pilot goes out along with burner.Are there any adjustments that can be made to help with this?There is an identical tank next to this one which is working fine. The draft created by the burner seems to be pulling the pilot away from the thermocouple a bit and the power venter is just making it worse.On a cycle when the pilot stays lit after the burner goes out,the fan stays on for a bit .After the fan shuts down,the pilot stabilizes nicely,but is not in that great of a position when burner and fan are on. Anyone have any suggestions?

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