old rusty hot water tank

The Tank old rusty hot water tank

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    I just moved into a home in the Caribbean.
    The old small hot water tank sits outside. It is rusted all over. It was never covered. It still works though. It is an electrical water tank. The country handyman installed it years ago. We are far past the guarantee on this thing. I’d like to replace it. My main question is this:
    -What is best for an outdoor set-up in a climate like this?
    -What kind of tank is best?
    -What is the best way to protect the tank from the elements?
    My price range for the tank is ~$400-$600

    Based on my research, most tanks are built for the indoors..
    This tank sits in the corner of 2 walls, and is otherwise exposed.
    I am new at all this.
    Please any advice would be great!

    Larry Weingarten

    Hello, There are tanks made to live outdoors, at least with gas heaters. For electric, I’m not so sure. I think I’d do what I could to protect it from the elements, at the very least preventing rain from getting to it. Enclosing it would help keep it warmer and dryer, so rust can’t easily get a toe-hold.

    Next, you might look into the Marathon heater: http://www.rheem.com/product/Residential-Electric-Water-Heaters-Marathon as it’s plastic and has a lifetime warranty. I know they aren’t cheap, but seem to be a good fit for your situation.

    Another thought would be to look into heat pump water heaters. They will cut the water heating bill roughly in half or better in your climate, but absolutely need to be protected from the elements as they have steel parts that will rust and the electrical stuff won’t get along with water. Hope that helps! 😎

    Yours, Larry


    Thank you so much Larry! You’ve given me a good place to start looking!


    Thanks to provide crucial tips.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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