no hot water at start up……..

The Tank no hot water at start up……..

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    i am staying in a family cabin and had to turn the electric hot water heater (30 gallon)on and fill the tank when i arrived. my mistake is that i turned the power on to the unit 30-45 minutes before i filled the tank, a definite no no. now i have no hot water.

    have i damaged the heating elements and/or thermostats? if so, should i replace each of them or only ystart with one or the other? or are there other issues i should direct my attention to?

    thanks for any help you can give.


    Randy Schuyler

    Actually, you’ve fried the heating elements. They’ll have to be replaced.

    Randy Schuyler

    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: If you have a meter, test (ohms) both of the elements. You may have only burned up the upper one 😕 Think of it as a learning experience 😎

    Yours, Larry



    You probably burned out the top element. The top thermostat acts similar to a three way switch; it supplies power to the top element or the bottom thermostat. You should see three screws on the top thermostat. One screw has one wire which goes to the top element. A second screw with a wire going to the bottom thermostat. And a third screw with wires from both the top and bottom elements. Until you can replace the top element (turn power off): remove (completely from heater) the wire from the top thermostat to top element. Lift the wire going from the top thermostat to the bottom thermostat and reland it on the thermosta screw from which the previous wire was removed. This will permit the water heater to heat all water using just the lower element. Restore power.



    thanks everyone. i went ahead and replaced both elements. the heater is working goo as new now.

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