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    Heidi Marble

    We have a propane water heater that cost to much to run. So we took a water heater (electric) out of a farm house that is falling down. The water heat is 5 years old it was put in when my son was born. It was used for a year sat for a year and had the top element burned out when my brother moved in the house. He did not use the water heater. So now it is in my house. We replaced the element which did not ohm out and was completely missing when we pulled it out. We hard wired it in. The breakers and resets have not popped. We had hot water for 3 days. Now it is ice cold. The elements ohm out good. They also have correct voltage. Any suggestions on whats wrong.

    Larry Weingarten

    Hmmm: Everything works, but all togehter, things don’t. 😕 This is a troubleshooting question. Start by making no assumptions. I’d start by checking for 220 volts at the heater, above the limit button.

    We have answered the question on how to check an electric heater so often that we put the answers in “Tanklets”. You should find some useful info there. But, even if you checked power or continuity before, assume nothing :cool:.

    Yours, Larry

    Heidi Marble

    Odd, All yesterday no hot water but tons of hot water this morning. No timer on the tank. I believe my husband checked for power in both places. I will ask later.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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