New Bradford White Power Vent, shutting down code 8-3

The Tank New Bradford White Power Vent, shutting down code 8-3

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    Replaced Bradford white with the newer version w/ FVIR sensor model is MITW50S6FBN, it will not run. I get ignition and burner runs for about 15 seconds, it quits and the honeywell unit blinks 8 times followed by three more. This acocording to manual indicates Vapor sensor problem. The unit will try again but the burner again drop out with the same error code. I think after three trys it gives up until reset. The sensor is supposed to have a resistance of 3-48k. It metered 12k but I swapped sensor with both a 10k and 20k resistor and no change. Thought the thermal switch could be suspect but noticed when that sensor is disconnected error code is immediate and no blower or ignition sequence. Any ideas?

    Larry Weingarten

    This is why I’m not too fond of power vent heaters 😕 If nobody else comes forward with info, the only two places I know to look are directly with the maker at or at “The Wall”. Heating Help has been teaching me good stuff for years 🙂

    Yours, Larry


    Yeah, I have to wait till Monday morning unfortunately. On further investigation the 8-3 code is actually for the internal temperature well sensor. There are three wires to the sensor and the service manual online has you check the resistance values using center wire as common. I read ~8K & 15K. Not clear on how to interpret these readings. The total resistance of the two (if this is the correct way to read) appear to cross reference and indicates a temperature of 44′ which may be accurate but this statement from manual …


    Thermal well sensors not reading the same temperature within ±5.5 °F – The gas control Immediately turns off all outputs and proceeds to flash 8 times then three times with three second pause. The error self clears if the fault clears for at least 15 seconds.

    Leads me to believe both resistance readings are wrong and it is the sensor itself? Is this sensor designed to take two readings, if so for what purpose?
    If problem is not temp sensor next step apears to be to replace gas control module. Thanks for the links!

    Any luck with the 8-3 code? I have not run into it myself. The Bradford website does have a service manual that I found and it walks you through the different codes. I actually printed one and will keep in on the truck.

    Let us know what your finding was…Thanks!


    Spoke with tech support, the resistance readings of 8k & 15K are way off and indicate a faulty thermal well sensor. They suggested replacing gas control unit as well. Not sure why they want me to replace both since the sensor is clearly defective. Think it is more of an insurance move since we can’t really rule it out as also not being defective. They are sending replacements to the distributor, unfortunately I won’t get them till Friday?

    I was told ( Not by anyone at Bradford White) that this is an increasingly more common occurrence with DOA parts on several lines since the controls and sensors are now being manufactured in Mexico & China. Parts & labor will be reimbursed under warranty but this is really a pain, not to mention the inconvenience, when you can’t trust brand new equipment.

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